Geocaching: a World Wide Treasure Hunt

Everybody loves treasure  hunting! After a certain age you become “too old” for treasure hunting. Unless you’re geocaching. Geocaching is just like a treasure hunt, except you don’t know what you’re looking for. It involves a GPS, which will help guide you towards the cache. The cache could be in a container as big as a kleenex box, or even as small as an eraser. The great thing is, is that no matter where you are in the world, you can geochache. You can do it when you are going for a walk in your neighborhood or even when you are on vacation on the other side of the world. Maybe while you’re on vacation you meet up with some friends, you could take them geocaching with you. But while you’re geocaching, don’t make it obvious, otherwise the ‘muggles’ will notice you and might steal the cache or place it somewhere where future cachers won’t be able to find it. Geocaching is a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise.

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Top 5 T.V. shows

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but when I do, I like to watch my favourite shows. I like a variety of shows but my favourites are dramatic, murder mystery type. I also enjoy comedy’s and reality.

  1. Pretty Little Liars- the storyline hooks you in, and every episode leaves you guessing and waiting for the next episode
  2. The Walking Dead-I love how impossible it seems, like even after a hard try they still can’t defeat the zombies. It really pulls you in and keeps you paying attention.
  3. How I Met Your Mother- This is a really funny show, it’s like where one of the main characters Ted, it’s telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. Each episode shows a different part and how the decisions he made led him to meet her.
  4. 90210- Drama! This show is very dramatic and there is always a new twist to it. It has gone into a completely different direction than I thought it would when I first started watching. I hope it never ends!
  5. Survivor- I think the part that really makes me love reality shows like survivor is that they are real people, they aren’t acting. Even though they can be a little bit dramatic its crazy to think someone has actually done all of that. The challenges can be very hard but I think the hardest part would be just sitting at camp in the rain waiting for the storm to be over. It gives you all the aspects I like, like drama, some comedy and there is a lot of thinking involved so it really pulls you in.

What are your favourite TV shows? I hate it when one of my favourite TV shows end and then I am just left sitting there wanting to keep watching even though its already over. That is why your suggestions would be very helpful!

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Sandwick Try a Trade

Earlier this week we got a spectacular chance to go and try out some of many trades. A trade is a job where it involves more hands on sort of work, not sitting at a desk doing paper work. Of course not all jobs that involve your hands are considered a trade though.  A few of the things involved in the trades we got to try out were concrete, electricity, plumbing, drywall, carpentry and also got to do some hammering and wrenching contests.

Sandwick is kind of like a school where you can learn about the different trades, and you get to build and create things. Some grade 12 students also go to Sandwick so they can get their first year of college done. But you can also start earlier, it just doesn’t become apart of your college until grade 12. To help us, we had two ‘teachers’ who were in charge, and about 5 people who were in the program. They were from the age of about 17-21. I thought it was very nice that they gave us their time to and show us something they’re passionate about. They were also very patient considering we hadn’t had much experience and they would be able to do what we were doing much faster.

This experience has definitely given me a better idea of what the trades are, and what I want to do when I get older.  If I were to do a trade, it would probably be hairdressing or cooking but I think that I would rather do something that involves going back to school because there is so many options. But it was still nice to learn about all of these things so I can do it if I need to, instead of hiring someone to do it for me. This has also changed the way I see buildings and even my own house. I know how it was built and the effort it took for that to happen.

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The Best Animal Alive!

Photo Credit: michaeljpeters2002 via Compfight cc


About 3 months ago, I found a new favourite animal, the sloth. I noticed a picture of a sloth on the internet, and there was something about it that was just so adorable, I had to learn more about it. I looked through many pictures, read many websites and watched tons of videos and over time my love for sloths grew larger. I am completely obsessed with sloths and can’t wait to share what I learned with you!

There are only two types of sloths, the two-toed sloth, and the three-toed sloth. The number of toes is the only thing that they have to tell them apart because there are no significant differences. They have the same diet, leaves and various bugs, mostly things they can find in  the trees because it takes so long to climb down from the tree.

As you may know, sloths are the slowest animal in the world and because of  that they only come down from the tree once a week to go to the bathroom because it takes so long. Sloths also have very strong stomach muscles which allow them to hang from the trees. Its not just muscle though, because there isn’t much nutrition in their diet, they don’t have enough energy to hold onto a tree branch for a week at a time, and for when they go to sleep. Because of their long nails/toes, they can just hook them onto the tree and pretty much go limp and have their nap.

I hope you enjoyed reading about sloths! They are an endangered species and because of all of the trees being cut in the Amazon they are at a critical point in their life right now. Sloths are definitely my favourite animal and I hope they don’t become extinct. Whats your favourite animal and why?

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Eli Pariser Ted Talks “Beware Online Filter Bubbles”

In class, we watched the video above called, ‘Beware online “filter bubbles” by Eli Pariser. He basically talked about how google and other internet browsers are starting to do something where they personalize your searching. So instead of you getting the same results as anyone else in the world, it will give you links to thing that you are more likely ‘wanting’ to see. It seems like a good idea, but by them blocking out the things that you are less likely to click 0n, you aren’t learning or seeing the things that you should know about. I agree with Eli, and think that you should be able to personalize it for yourself rather than having a stranger guess your preferences. I wonder if this Ted Talk will make google or the other browsers change what they are doing and make the searching personalized. I will definitely keep this in mind the next time I do a school project because the search results are most likely going to change.

Bucket List for Summer 2013! (top ten)

Just starting last summer, I started making a bucket list of things I want to do. Last summer I had about 50 things on my bucket list and finished almost half of them.  This summer, I plan to finish as many as I can! Because there is so many things to do, I’ll tell you the top ten!

  1. Go to either 1 Direction or Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s concert
  2. Stay at a friends house for at least 2 two days
  3. Get super tanned
  4. Re-organize my room at my dads house
  5. Go play volleyball at the outdoor volleyball court with a bunch of friends
  6. Sail to Tree Island with 3 friends and camp on the beach overnight
  7. Go to the P.N.E with Sam
  8. Meet someone famous
  9. Sleep on the Hammock overnight
  10. Go see Walk Off The Earth at Music Fest

So those are the top 10 things I want to do this summer! There are still many more that I want to do, so if you want to hear about them tell me in the comments below!

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The Strikers!

Recently, after playing on the school volleyball team, I found a new love for volleyball.  Just bef0re the end of the day sometime in November, Ms. Smith handed out some sheets to girls that were interested. It was a notice talking about the Comox Valley Strikers.  I had heard about it before but didn’t know much about it. There was a meeting at a near highschool so I went with Jenna, Becky and Sam. I learned that there was a team from every age group going from U13- U18. It would have a lot of commitment because there was practice twice a week for two hours each night. I signed up and then about a month later they had tryouts. There was about 6 days for tryouts but it was best if you could make all of them so they can see how quickly you improve. I am now on a team with Jenna and Becky and some other girls and we have split into two teams (Sam wasn’t able to join because of dance). We have had two games so far, with the same team, and because we are in two teams, each team played 6 games each. We won all 12 games on the first day we played them and then we won all 12 the next time we played them. I think volleyball is something I want to stick with for a while!


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How Writing Evolved


Cuneiform tablet by me

Have you ever wondered how people communicated and kept track of things before pencils and paper? Even  the simplest things that we have today would have been revolutionary and very helpful thousands of years ago. But we didn’t start off writing with pencils and pens on paper, that all evolved from Mesopotamia around 4000 BC, when they came up with the idea to make markings in clay to help themselves keep track of things.

Now a days, we depend on writing to help keep ourselves on top of things. That is kind of what developed the whole idea to start writing things down. The Mesopotamian’s came up with their own written language called Cuneiform. They way they wrote this is by taking a fish for example, turning it into a pictogram (a simplified drawing) then turning it 90° counter clockwise, and making the drawing out of straight lines. Having straight lines made it easier to draw on the clay. To draw it, they would collect water reedsa water reed, and shape it into a wedge, and use that to mark down the symbols.

Having a written language is just as important as having a spoken one. Writing is used for so many things because it is hard to remember everything. The people of Mesopotamia needed the writing to keep themselves on top of things just like we need it today. One of the things they used it for was keeping track of livestock, to keep a number of how many there were. Another important thing they used it for was for Another way of them keeping track of things was by when they sold livestock and other things, they would mark it down onto clay and used it kind of like a recipt. Sometimes writing had to do with the law, or the chief, depending where they lived and how long ago it was.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘the cradle of civilization’? People would say that Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization because that’s where writing first came from. Mesopotamia got destroyed over the years so where modern Iraq is now, is where Mesopotamia used to be. In Iraq, there are two large rivers that gave Mesopotamia its name. The river’s name are Tigris and Euphrates. They run through modern Iraq. Mesopotamia means ‘between the rivers’ in Greek so it only made sense to name it that because it was in between the rivers.

At the top of this blog is a picture of a Cuneiform tablet that I made! This is a simpler version of one made in ancient times. The real one had much more information on them. The very top section on the tablet is my name in my teacher’s version of Cuneiform. She asked us to write our names with symbols she made up for the hort and long vowels in your name. Mine has an long o and a long e. On the top left side it is a symbol that I created for music, then next one is for warmth, so I did a sun. The next one over is dance, I moved the letters around a bit and came up with this shape. The bottom left is for animals, then the next one over is friends. The last one is for happiness so it shows a smile.

I have really enjoyed learning about Mesopotamia and where and why they started a written language! Have you learned about Mesopotamia and Cuneiform yet? If so, did you enjoy it? Is there anything interesting about either Mesopotamia or Cuneiform that I missed? If so, I would love to know!

Zoom #2

A great way for a short easy post is to do a zoom post. The name zoom fits it well because it is so fast and easy!

Here is how it works

  1. Find a creative picture that looks like it might have a story hidden behind it. Don’t forget to use credit
  2. Write a one or two senctence interesting opener that will pull the reader in.
  3. Let the readers finsih the storys in the comments
  4. Go find other zoom posts to comment on! My friend Sam is doing one too!

A Garden of Climbs
Photo Credit: Jasen Miller via Compfight cc

You were almost at the top. You had been climbing for hours.


Now its your turn to add on! Comment below saying what you think should happen next.

Winter or Summer, what do you prefer?





I know that there are many mixed opinions about winter and summer. Some people prefer the summer because of the long, hot days, and you have two months off school. You can also lie on the beach all day or play in the water. Plus you pretty much never get cold.

Winter on the other hand is cold, but if you like the indoors better than outside, that’s good. Winter is more of a cozy time than summer. There is also snow, so you can build snowmen and snow castles.

They are both great seasons but if I had to choose, I would pick the summer. It  gives you that great vibe, and its just so fun! I love the beach so I spend a lot of my summer there. Summer time is just a great excuse to go outside and spend time with family and friends.

What is your favourite season?What  are your reasons for choosing that season? Or do you like fall or spring?

Photo credit: R’eyes