If I had to pick, my absolute favourite item at school would have to be a pen. I know it’s random but I just love pens. I don’t like writing with pencils because they don’t flow across the page like pens do. It has to be a certain type of pen because some are better than others. My favourite colour of pen is blue because it’s easy to red; not to bright like a red pen and it’s not boring like a black pen.

What is your favourite item in your classroom? What are some cool things that you think most classrooms don’t have?  If you don’t have a classroom then what is your favourite object at work?

13 thoughts on “Pens

  1. I read pens wrong at first glance, but that’s beside the point.
    I think my favorite object in the class is the pencil sharpener because I keep losing my pencils.
    I have a question though, normal pens, or gel pens?

  2. Good job on your blog post, it’s interesting, my favorite object in my classroom are highlighters because I like how bright they are and I like to highlight words that seem interesting and hard.

  3. I understand what you are saying, but I honestly don’t like pens unless they can erase. I don’t have any pens that can erase…

    Anyways, I have like computers and technology because of their ‘limitless’ power. Pens are great too, unless you make a mistake.

    • I prefer writing in pens because of the way it flows on the page. It is easier to write that way. Pencils are rough and don’t have that smooth aspect to it. I do like computers as well, but I feel like we are starting to use them too much and that could become a problem.

  4. Hi, Soph

    I love pens, too. Especially gell pens. Preferablly pink sparkly ones. I love your post, because you discribe why you like them very well. I’d have to say my favourite items at school are erasers. Especially speedie’s.


  5. I also enjoy using pens. It’s just something about how they write so smooth and pretty. I like how you describe why you like pens. But I would mostly prefer green highlighters. Interesting post!

  6. Hi Sophie,
    I love pens too, especially gel pens. It just looks so pretty when you have colorful notes! They also make your handwriting look pretty, and it makes taking notes fun. Do you like gel pens?

  7. Hi Sophie,
    I enjoyed reading your posts. My favorite utensil I like to use are markers because there are lots of different colors to use. I also enjoy using pens because it makes you feel so mature.

    • Hi Brian!
      I do like markers too! But mostly for things like writing and outlining. I like using pencil crayons for colouring because it gives it that neater look.

  8. Interesting, I personally don’t like pens just because I mess up with 1 out of every 5 words, so I would have lots of scribbles. I like pencils because I feel control, I really could care less for technology because it really doesn’t have much difference than the previous chalkboards and whiteboards.

    • Hey Keith!
      That is a good point. Pencils are definitely better for mistakes. And I definitely agree with technology, it can be very useful but also over used.

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